Radical Green Health Manifesto

Ralph Nimmann, ex town planner in Germany, is now a care assistant in Hebden Bridge, with focus on healthy living

Radix (Latin) means root. A radical approach addresses the root of a problem.
The problems addressed below are:

  • Increasingly people are not healthy, with chronic diseases, often connected with immune system weaknesses.
  • The public health service NHS is overburdened due to increased demand and spiralling costs.
  • Big international corporations are using the NHS to make profit. They are influencing universities, the media via advertisements, the internet with paid trolls, as well as institutions and governments; some of them pollute the environment, food & animals with chemicals, others promote pills and vaccines containing unnatural substances.
  • Western "modern" medicine is treating symptoms rather than finding the source of an illness (i.e. "reducing the fever" sabotages the natural immune system and supports the disease). What causes the disease should be the focus - and tackling the problem.
    As a result almost 1,000 patients are dying needlessly in UK NHS hospitals every month because of basic errors by medical staff

Why are people ill?
There are different causes, all contributing and synergistically making the situation worse

  • they live or work in a polluted outer environment or home
  • they live an unhealthy life style, have stress and lack of exercise
  • they eat the wrong food, with ingredients our body is not used to digest
  • they don't get enough nutrients, vitamins to keep their immune system strong

The following suggestions will save our NHS millions of £s, AND lead to better health of the population, resulting in less people needing to see their doctor or a hospital:

  1. All food which is treated with chemicals should be taxed with 5%, increasing 5% each year (to reduce the toxification of people).
  2. Advertisements for foods which are unhealthy will be subject to a 10% health tax, increasing each year by 10%
  3. The car mileage tax relief for commuting to work should be reduced by 5p/mile every two years to compensate the health damages it causes.
    Diesel needs to be taxed with a health tax
  4. The current trend to more sophiticated treatments or excessively expensive pharmaceutical products costs vasts amount of money. On the other side many of these actually have serious side effects with counterproductive results  (i.e. mammography, chemo- and radio therapy may cause cancer). Less is often more, and doing nothing sometimes brings better results.
  5. Food in hospitals will only be organic, including raw food. One to three days water fasting or juicing should be offered to start with. Vegan food should be dominant to reduce inflammation and to strengthen the immune system.
    Shops, restaurants, take aways or other food outlets in hospitals should adhere to the same principles or vacate the premises at the end of their contract.
    This should be launched as a trial in selected hospitals, and the outcome monitored.
  6. Exercise and movement needs to be integrated and made available for each patient
  7. Medicines with severe side effects should be reduced in favour of those with less side effects.
  8. Traditional treatments and alternative treatments should be allowed and available if they have a record of success, especially if they are cost efficient.
    Patients should be given a choice of treatment.
  9. Each hospital should get a nutritional expert, advising wards and catering, and updating doctors and nurses on how food can support recovery.
    Patients should receive a printed instructions how to improve their health at home when they are discharged from hospital.
  10. The practice of vaccinations should be reviewed by an independent panel with the aim to minimise risks and side effects. It should be complemented by offering alternatives strengthening the natural immune system.
  11. The current dominance of the medical "Treating the Symptom" approach needs to gradually shift towards a "What is the Cause of your Disease" investigation and cure, and requires involving universities, medical journals, and all public health care guidelines.
    An independent diverse panel including doctors, healing practitioners and  alternative therapists needs to oversee this transition
  12. Amalgam tooth fillings should be discontinued ASAP.

The 1st four points will bring in some money to finance the initial changes in 5,9, 10 & 11.
With the health of people improving, NHS expenses will naturally come down.

This is the same principle as in the energy sector: instead of "we need more energy!" we can save a lot of energy, and we don't need to produce more.
Instead of "more doctors! More nurses! More carers!" etc we increase the health of people
by teaching them how to live a more healthy and happy life.

The "father" of medicine, Hippocrates (in whose name doctors used to say their oath), said: "Let food be your medicine"

Pharmaceutical companies, their share holders and the media (influenced by pharma ad revenues) will be up against this approach.

PLEASE contact me if you have ideas how to improve / amend this 1st draft - or leave a comment below. Especially, if you have any idea how to loosen the grip of the big pharma corporations on our media, the medical eduction and publications, and the legislative.

with optimistic green greetings,


Here are some links which point in the right direction: