About the author Ralph Nimmann

Ralph Nimmann

I am a green activist, networker and creative spirit, living in Hebden Bridge / West Yorkshire.
Since 2013, I have developed a keen interest in healthy living, nutrition, cures for cancer - and  the truth about vaccination.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, I have been working as a town and regional planner.
At the end of 1996 I moved to England and lived a more simple life style as home carer and gardener. In the 15 years I lived in Cambridge, I created the web page "Rainbow Network Cambridge" and had my own radion show on 209Radio: "Ralph's Positive Hour".
I was also charing the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group for 6 years and became a Quaker.

In 2012 my wife and I moved to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, where we are MUCH more happy. "Small is beautiful."  - see More about us in Hebden Bridge.
I feel I can make a difference in this amazing town, and I love offering FREE HUGS when I have time, leading Dances of Universal Peace, promoting the Calderdale Green Party, organising the Hebden Bridge Dance Festival in October and more.

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