How Study Findings Are Manipulated to Fabricate an "Immune Amnesia State After Measles"

the author:
Ralph Nimmann
in Hebden Bridge

In November 2019 mass media promoted, that measles lead to an "immune system amnesia".
ead, what the scientists actually wrote in the text of their study (
published 1st of November 2019 in the Science Magazine)
Study headline: "Measles virus infection diminishes preexisting antibodies that offer protection from other pathogens"

Below are "quotes" I selected from the study [comments added by me in brackets, bold highlighted by me]
Please scroll down to read an Immunologist's comments on this science study: Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych.

"We studied 77 unvaccinated children before and 2 months after natural measles virus infection."
["2 months" - too short for making any long term preditions]

[Keep in mind: Immunity is much more complex than just counting antibodies.
And:  the study and section headlines do NOT accurately reflect the text content]

"These results suggest that, rather than a simple loss of total IgG [immunoglobulin], there is a restructuring of the antibody repertoire after measles."
"Recovery of antibodies was detected after natural reexposure to pathogens."

"Simply counting epitope numbers recognized before and after measles underestimates immune memory impairment because epitope recognition can be detected even when a large fraction of cellular clones producing the relevant antibody are eliminated."

"the analysis failed to detect immune impairment at the epitope level....
MMR vaccines do not increase susceptibility to subsequent infections."
"because of the naturally rapidly increasing antibody diversity in this young cohort at the time of MMR receipt, we cannot definitively rule out the potential for minor reductions of antibody-producing cells with measles vaccination."
[Do they mean: "measles vaccination can reduce antibodies."?]

"Although antibody diversity and abundance were negatively affected for almost all pathogens, a subset of children had increased EBS [=Epitope binding signal] and/or epitope hits for particular pathogens after measles ..., suggestive of potential restoration of immune memory after the initial immune depletion."

"these effects suggest that the antibody repertoire begins rebuilding soon after measles, through pathogen exposures, and that pathogen exposure after measles, while serving to reinstate immune memory, may pose excess risk."
[in other words: don't catch another disease when you are just recovering from measles - common sense.]

[because the huma study did not bring results favourable for the vaccine industry, they studied the reaction in FOUR rhesus macaques monkeys:]
"Each monkey lost, on average, 40 to 60% of its preexisting antibody repertoire (Fig. 5C), and this loss persisted for at least 5 months after MV infection."
[so with help of 4 monkeys they prolonged the post infection test time for 3 more months.
Why did they stop after a few months? My guess: because after that, the antibody count went up]

"Our findings show that after recovery from MV infections, individuals enter a state in which immune functionality is restored,.."
[Hoorah! What a good result they found!]

"Given the variation in the degree of immune repertoire modulation we observed, we anticipate that future risk of morbidity and mortality after measles would not be homogeneous but would be skewed toward individuals with the most severe elimination of immunological memory."
[That is a fair hypothesis (not an observation), and should be verified in a long term study]

Funding: [interesting - follow the money...]
"This work was supported by a grant from the Value of Vaccine Research Network to S.J.E. and M.J.M.; a grant from the Gates Foundation to S.J.E.; an NIH/NIAID U24 grant to H.B.L. and S.J.E.; a grant from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (grant 202063) and a grant from the Academy of Finland (Centre of Excellence in Molecular Systems Immunology and Physiology; grant 250114) to M.K.; NIH R01 DK032493 to M.R.; NIH R21 AI095981 and R01 AI131228 to D.E.G.; and a grant from PREPARE Europe (EU FP7 grant 602525) to R.L.d.S. S.J.E. is an Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute"

How would YOU sum up the findings of this study?


 Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych's comments on this science study:


"Immunity from infections comes from neutralizing titers not the memory lymphocytes.
These neutralizing titers are not wiped out by measles."

"...infection of memory lymphocytes by the measles virus resulting in a temporary loss of immunologic memory... "

"A true correlate of protection is not the level of antibodies that bind to pathogens but virus- neutralizing serum titers.  Those are measured by a technique called plaque-reduction neutralization, which is quite distinct from how antibodies are detected."

"When was it ever proven that immunologic memory has anything to do with protection from re-infection? In fact, the opposite has been demonstrated by the research conducted"

"Swiss scientist (and a Nobel Prize winner in 1996) Dr. Rolf Zinkernagel.  In the title of his 2012 critical review, he clearly states: “Immunologic memory does not equal protective immunity.” 

[this is confirmed by several sudies in Africa and Bangladesh:]
"post-measles cases had significantly lower mortality than uninfected, non-immunized children in the following 9 months."  ( 2003 study in rural Bangladesh)

"In 2002, Dr. Peter Aaby and co-authors published a study conducted in rural Senegal, in the area that had an outbreak of measles.  According to the study: "No index or secondary case of measles died in the acute phase of infection nor did any of the children exposed to measles die in the first 2 months after exposure."
"Dr. Aaby and co-authors were testing a commonly held assumption that after surviving measles, children would have a higher mortality rate from other infections due to long-term immune-suppression, which is thought to follow measles.  But they got the opposite results.  In fact, they found that "exposed children developing clinical measles had lower age-adjusted mortality over the next 4 years than exposed children who did not develop clinical measles"."

"another prominent scientist (and a Nobel Prize winner in 1960) Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet telling us the following regarding the role of antibodies (or rather lack thereof) for immunity in children who lacked antibody production due to a genetic condition called agammaglobulinemia:
“To everyone’s surprise [children with agammaglobulinemia] showed a normal measles course with a typical rash which faded at the normal time and was followed by just as substantial immunity against reinfection as would be shown by any other convalescent"

[Here is Tetyana's theory:]
"Could it be that rather than making you less immune by killing your memory lymphocytes, the measles infection would make you more immune by killing your memory lymphocytes—due to releasing TF [=Transfer Factor] from all of those killed memory lymphocytes into your bloodstream?  Did scientists measure the levels of serum TF to previously encountered infections before and after measles...?"

[Tetyana also points out some benefits of measles and chickenpox:]
"measles and chickenpox viruses already do just that – kill memory T cells – 
shouldn’t that lead to a reduced risk of asthma and other allergic diseases?"

[Tetyana is an expert immunologist (I am not), criticising some safety issues of vaccination. Websites like skepticalraptor (calling Tetyana  a "pseudoscientist of the anti-vaccine religion") or sciencebasedmedicine ("I am not an Immunologist!) try to discredit her, but do not comment or debunk anything in this study]


Comment by Julee Shumway Ross, quoted from a Facebook discussion:

CONCLUSIONS: When measles infection is mild, clinical measles has no long-term excess mortality and may be associated with better overall survival than no clinical measles infection."  from


 Additional information about measles:

According to gov uk, there were 56 measles deaths since 1987.
In the same time the Yellow Card Scheme reported 37 deaths after the MMR vaccine.
As less than 10% of vaccine injuries are recorded as vaccine related,
the true MMR vaccination death number in the UK is more like 370+
That's six MMR deaths for each measles death.
Measles were known as benign i
n the UK (until the MMR vaccine was introduced).

Most of the 100,000 measles victims mentioned in the study are from third world countries.
What they need, is proper food and basic hygiene and sanitation (not vaccines).
I find it shameful, that these numbers are used for marketing purposes by vaccine producers.

Measles give you life loing immunity + protection from cancer and other diseases.
[ according to a Danish study by Tove Ronne, published 1985 in The Lancet - see]
Scientists are currently experimenting injecting measles into cancer tumours to kill them.

The adjuvants and additives in vaccines weaken the immune system, and often cause long lasting side effects like auto immune disorders and chronic diseases.

There is some thought that the reduction on memory T Cells can actually help prevent atopic diseases such as asthma, allergies and eczema.

And last: after the immune system was fighting a disease, it seems common sense to me to assume that it may need a little time to recover - like a warrior after a battle.
This science study seems to have observed just this.
The mainstream media did not properly research or quote the findings (as usual).

Ralph Nimmann. December 2019


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